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Judy Blue Full Size Distressed Raw Hem Jeans

Judy Blue Full Size Distressed Raw Hem Jeans

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These Distressed Raw Hem Jeans exude a rebellious and edgy vibe with their worn-in look and frayed edges. They are perfect for pairing with casual or trendy tops, adding a touch of effortless style to any outfit.

  • Features: Distressed, Raw hem
  • Stretch: Slightly stretchy
  • Material composition: 69% cotton, 16% polyester, 9% rayon, 5% elasterell, 1% spandex
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
  • Shipped in the United States 
  • Model information

Curve model-height 5'9", bust 46", waist 37", hip 48", size 1X, jeans size 14W

Regular size model-height 5'9", bust 34", waist 25", hip 35", size S, jeans size 3

  • Product measurements:

0(24): hip 30 in, rise 10 in, inseam 31.5 in, waist 24 in

1(25): hip 31 in, rise 10.5 in, inseam 31.5 in, waist 25 in

3(26): hip 32 in, rise 10.5 in, inseam 31.5 in, waist 26 in

5(27): hip 33 in, rise 11 in, inseam 32 in, waist 27 in

7(28): hip 34 in, rise 11 in, inseam 32 in, waist 28 in

9(29): hip 35 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 29 in

11(30): hip 36 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 30 in

13(31): hip 37 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 32 in

15(32): hip 38 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 32 in

14W: hip 40 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 31 in

16W: hip 41 in, rise 11.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 32 in

18W: hip 43 in, rise 12 in, inseam 32 in, waist 34 in

20W: hip 44 in, rise 12.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 35 in

22W: hip 47 in, rise 13 in, inseam 32 in, waist 38 in

24W: hip 50 in, rise 13.5 in, inseam 32 in, waist 41 in

Judy Blue Jeans Sizing

Judy Blue Jeans are a marvel of modern fashion, creating their own standard for women’s jeans. The unbelievable stretch and recovery (returning to its original shape and size even after stretch) help to put this brand in a class of its own. Additionally, Judy Blue Jeans have a great fit for sizes ranging between 0-24W, making them an inclusive brand of choice for women of many body types.

Judy Blue Size Chart

We provide the rise and inseam measurement for you on every pair of jeans. Be sure to check your measurement to ensure the best fit when making an online purchase. Much of what we carry will be mid-rise and high-rise jeans. The rise measurements we provide are listed in inches for the best possible fit.

measuring rise and inseam on jeans

Quite often we see that much of the confusion around sizing is related to customers not having a full understanding of their true starting size and the most appropriate denim styles for different body shapes. Usually, we see issues with many ladies ordering sizes that are too large because they are not accustomed to very comfortable, form-fitting pants that actually stretch. A size 20W that you might get at other popular retailers may be shapeless, a more generalized fit, and may actually be too large for you. This will not be your true size with a brand like Judy Blue. So often you need to size down from what you may purchase normally.

To best find your size, start by basing this off the most fitted pair of pants you have with stretch (important since we are discussing denim that has plenty of stretch). You can refer to the Judy Blue size chart to see a quick guide on recommended sizing.

Shop Judy Blue Jeans!

Judy Blue Sizing True-to-Size:

  • Regular sizing between 2-16 we often find you need to go down one size from your even size. This means if you normally wear size 16 jeans you will go with 15, if you wear 14 you will go to size 13 and so on.
  • Women that are generally sizes 0-7, without weight in their tummies, will generally size down an additional size.
  • If you usually wear size 14W-24W you will find that these are true to size in most pairs of these jeans, but we will note if you should size down on specific pairs. Remember, true to size with these refers to your size in fitted pants, not ones that wear loose. If you’re accustomed to a size from other retailers you may want to size down one for plus sizes since this is a true wide hip in the W sizing. So, a 20 from those stores would be more closely related to our 18W, and so on.

Sizing down Two:

  • There are some pairs of Judy Blue jeans that have extra stretch in the fabric which may change the fit. When this is the case, regular sizes 0-15 may want to size down one further. In some circumstances, plus sizes 14W-24W may need to size down one as well.
  • For regular sizes, sizing down 2 means you would go down two odd sizes from a normal even sizing. So a size 14 would want to wear a size 11. However, as mentioned before, if the sizing deviates from this standard we will make mention of the unique fit.

Judy Blue Size Chart

Judy blue jeans size chart

Judy Blue Jeans By Body Type

what body type are you

Understanding and embracing your unique body shape is not only important for choosing your outfit, but also for feeling confident. It’s absolutely fine to acknowledge that not every style will look great on all body shapes. Equally important is making sure it fits appropriately for the most flattering appearance.

Rectangle & Hour Glass Body Shapes:

  • Will often find that sizing down 2 odd sizes or 1 plus size works best for hugging your curves and getting that “booty pop” kind of fit with jeans that have such great stretch.
  • Generally, most denim styles are flattering on these body shapes.
  • Depending on how you carry weight in your tummy area, this may be the determining factor in your favorite jean types.
  • Based on your leg shape and composition, the boyfriend and relaxed-fit jeans may fit baggy.

Pear & Apple Shapes:

  • Often these body types struggle with the fit of skinny jeans.
  • Many here will prefer a straight leg. Because of the sizing to accommodate a larger tummy, skinny jeans can be a bit baggy in the legs and have an awkward inward taper at the ankles. Straight and relaxed leg will have a more intentional appearance.
  • For a more flattering look that shows a great silhouette, slim/relaxed and straight leg is going to be your best option.
  • If you are wanting to hide a bit of your shape, boyfriend jeans make a great choice as they also have a straight leg. Pair these jeans with a longer top to cover your hips.

Denim By Style of Jeans

different types of Judy Blue jeans


Fitted throughout the entire pair and is ready to rock! Regular Judy Blue sizes work perfectly here.


Definitely a little extra room around the hips and waist. Good for those that carry more weight through the hips. Regular Judy Blue sizing works great.


Fits looser in the legs the whole way down. Size one down from your normal Judy Blue size.


Watch the inseam if you are shorter or taller, but generally, regular Judy Blue sizes work great.

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