About Me


Over the last 28 years I have been in the media marketing and advertising industry. Over those years, I have had the opportunity to watch and help other businesses flourish and grow.  Even though I was able to help other businesses grow their products, I craved the excitement of  accomplishing something of my very own.  Over the years, I came up with several ideas of launching my own business.  I never had the courage to move forward with my plans though, until now.  I love being creative and designing, which is why I started Krazy Heart Designs Boutique over 3 years ago. 

In addition to designing, I also have a passion for shopping as most women do, so I decided to add fashion clothing to my online boutique.  With the way prices are rising on everything around us, it's hard to have extra for our wants.  I have put together a collection that's not only trendy & stylish, but it's of great quality and more importantly...affordable.  

We also have a 100% Happy Guarantee Policy that we implement here at Krazy Heart Designs Boutique. We can't promise that issues won't come up from time to time, but we can promise that we will take care of it if it does.


Shari Smith