Discover What Color Looks Best on You!

Discover What Color Looks Best on You!

You can find the perfect color for you with this beauty type identifier! Krazy Heart Designs Boutique has broken this down in to 4 types. 

Discover if you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter type with the help of easily identifiable features such as skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Unlock your true beauty and gain confidence in your appearance!


People with a spring type of beauty have a light, delicate, slightly pink complexion. In addition, the skin tans very quickly to brown, and the freckles are golden in color. When it comes to hair color, blonde, light beige, redness elements, or even medium brown predominate. The eye color of people with spring type of beauty is blue, light brown, or green.


People with a summer type of beauty are characterized by a very delicate olive complexion and very light skin color. Usually, such people sunbathe red so that the skin becomes a little darker over time. The eyes of people with a summer type of beauty are usually light blue, gray, gray-green, or light brown. As for hair color, ashen or light brown are the most common.


Winter is the most unusual type of beauty. People with this type of beauty have many contrasts. For example, you can mention light porcelain skin fringed with black or dark brown hair. Every person who is a type of winter has very strong contrasts and dark framing of the face – dark hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.


If we want to characterize people with an autumn type of beauty, first of all, we should mention here a light, warm shade of skin – beige or even peach. The skin of such people rarely blushes. Hair color can be red, brown, or even golden brown. The eyes are green or brown and sometimes even light blue.

You already know what season of the year best describes your type of beauty, but that’s not all. Namely, each of the above types also has its own tone. Spring and Fall – warm tones; Summer and Winter – cool tones. 

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